I tell stories with images Designing UI/UX, 2D animation and illustration

Recent projects

2016/2017 - UI Design / Icon design


A complete redesign for a telephony site that has to cater for partners and clients.

2016/2017 - UI Design / Illustration / Icon design


I made the design for this small one page site for telephone conferencing and the illustration that goes with it.

2016/2017 - UX/UI Design / Icon design / Interaction Design

gnTel HUB

Partner HUB redesign and UX. SVG Icons so that the partners can easily change it to their colors.

2015/2018 - Graphic Design / Illustration / Icon design


I designed the logo to start of the other processes, like banners and a pin.

2017 - Animation


End of year animation for the customers and partners.

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